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LATITUDE: A First-of-A-Kind NDE Innovation From SI

LATITUDE: A First-of-A-Kind NDE Innovation from SI

The first PDI qualified manually-encoded DM weld procedure

n News and Views Issue 43, we introduced LATITUDE™, a revolutionary non-mechanized position and orientation encoding technology that is designed for use with nondestructive evaluation (NDE) equipment. The Latitude system, when coupled with an NDE data acquisition system, allows an operator to acquire high-quality encoded data using a manual examination process. Fast-forward a mere five months and Structural Integrity (SI) is pleased to announce that it has qualified the first ever manually encoded phased array UT procedure for the examination of dissimilar metal welds (DMWs) in nuclear power plants. The procedure qualification was administered by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in accordance with Performance Demonstration Initiative (PDI) requirements.

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